मुलाखत प्रश्न



Prepare yourself on the topics given below,at least 7 to 8 sentences in good English and right grammar on each topic, any topic would be asked to you at the time of interview.
Don’t get nervous it is just to chk your confidence and communication,
If you really are looking out for great career you have to crack this interview, because there is lot of growth for you money wise as well as position wise.

1. Who acc to you male or female is good for the post of manager and why?
A) A)Acc to me both are suitable for the post of manager, bec it depends upon the leadership qualities if a person is having ledership qualities in him or her he like managing people, getting work done in right way, handling difficult situation at times, then I think both male or female can be fit for the post of manager.

2. Tell any 3 wishes u have?
A) First is to make a good career so that I can fulfill my second wish that is, to become very rich and if this wish is fulfilled my third wish would be to go on world tour.

3. Tell about your favourite actor/actress?
A) A)My Favourite actor is sharukh khan bec I like his acting and dressing style, all his movies are generally hit and songs are also good. My Favourite actress is ashwarya rai bec she is very beautiful, and at the same time she has made great career in modeling as well as acting, and also she has won Miss world Title.

4. Your opinion on love marriage vs arrange marriage?
A) A)Acc to me love marriage bec we come to know the person before getting married and when we know the person or love the person we are ready to do all kind of adjustments in life.
B) But in arrange marriage it takes time to understand the person and at times we are not ready to solve disputes easily as we do not know the person.

5. What do u think about child labour.?
A) Child labour is a very bad thing which is practiced in our country, and it is because of those parents who are not educated on family planning and go on giving birth to children. And later because of poverty instead of getting their children educated they have to send their children to earn for their living. However there are institutes like “Akanksha” who support education for such children.

6. Tell something about ursel?
A) Start with your name, schooling and college, work experience, if any& family background.

7. Your most memorable day?
A) My last birthday, when my friends gave me a surprise gift early morning. They gifted me a lovely titan watch, then we had the cake cutting ceremony at my place and then we went out for lunch at pizza hut. Then after noon we went to lonavala on bike for a long drive and returned home at night.

8. What you did last Sunday or weekend?
A) I woke up at 10.00Am. Then I watched TV while I was having breakfast. I went to Sarasbaug temple with my family. Came back in the after noon had lunch and went to sleep. Got up in the evening and went out with my friends.

9. How did you celebrate your last birthday?
A) On my last birthday, my friends gave me a surprise gift early morning. They gifted me a lovely titan watch, then we had the cake cutting ceremony at my place and then we went out for lunch at pizza hut. Then after noon we went to lonavala on bike for a long drive and returned home at night.

10. Any specific quality you would like to change in urself?
A) Girls – I am very sensitive, I take things personally, and I would like to change this quality and be strong in future. At times I am absent minded and tend to forget things when I have lot of things in my mind. And I want to change this quality in me.

11. Which is your favourite colour and why?
A) My favorite color is blue because blue indicates peace. Sometimes in the after noon when I am tensed and sit in my gallery, I look at the blue sky and feel very relaxed.

12. Tell me recently seen movie story?

A)I have not sees any movie recently, but the last movie I saw Jab we met. The actor of this movie is Shahid kapoor and actress is Kareena Kapoor. In the starting of the movie it is shown that Kareena shahid are traveling in the same train and shahid is all heart broken and lost as his girlfriend gets married to someone else while Kareena is madly in love with a boy named anshuman. So during their journey both initially fight but later become friends. When kareena plans to leave her house and live with her boyfriend, her boyfriend refuses to accept her and in the mean while Shahid kapoor is madly in love with kareena. He helps her to come over the fact that her boyfriend refuses to accept her. Then in the span of time even kareena starts loving Shahid and this is the story of jab we met.

13.What would you like to change in India?
A) Growing population: We can conduct sessions on family planning especially for the illiterate people. We can have such education campaign in small villages etc.

14. What would you like to change in world?
A) World is very big place First I would like to change my country, my self etc.

15. Tell me about Pune?

A) It is a very famous city and is known as an educational city because of institutes like Pune University. The climate in Pune is good compared to other cities. Pune is a safe city, people here are very friendly.

16. Tell few advantages of internet?

A) Its like store house of information, we can get any possible information from net in less time. Through e-mails we can communicate with our near and dear ones who are staying away from us. Now days we can do banking and shopping online which saves time.

17.Why do you want to get into bpo?

A).Because BPO is the fastest growing sector. There is good scope of career growth with good facilities. It is fun and work together. We get to work with people of different age groups. Every day brings you new opportunities and experiences with different types of customers which will help us build strong interpersonal skills.

18.Tell me something about your best friend?

A).My best friends name is ___________. He/she is my childhood friends. We studied in the same school, same college; we had a lot of fun together. He/She has a very good sense of humor; he/she is very kind, caring, helpful etc. He/she has always been with me in my good and bad times.

19.What is your opinion about coed (Girls + Boys) education?

A).Co ed education is really helpful, so that after children complete their schooling and enter college they know how to interact or behave with people of opposite sex because they are used to it. But in schools which are only for girls or boys they find it difficult to interact with people of opposite sex.

20).What do think about remix songs?

A).I feel remix is feet tapping but its spoiling the beauty of old songs. People who make remixes just select some readymade old song and add some Extra music. They show a few models wearing vulgar clothes and call it a remix.

21).Which is your favorite destination?

A).My favorite destination is Mahableshwar as it is a hill station. There is a market where we can do shopping in reasonable amount. There are many site seeing points. It is famous for carrots, strawberries and jelly sweets. I go with my friends for an overnight picnic and we enjoy very much.

22).According to you is India developing OR developed country?

A).According to me India is a developing country because in comparison with countries like United States and the European countries India still has to improve with factors of literacy, poverty, cleanliness, unemployment etc. But when compared to countries like Nepal and Bangladesh then Indian is far more developed then these countries.

23).Why according to you Language is important?

A).Language is very important as it is the easiest way to express feeling or communicate in words. If there was no language we would have communicated in the same way like how our tribal ancestors used to do before i.E. Through sounds or actions like animals. According to me every individual should be able to communicate in English as it is a global language.

24). What acc to you is meaning of customer service?

A).According to me customer service is to solve customer queries of the customer in a polite way or give them the desired information. It is very important that the CSA/CSR does not keep the customer waiting for a very long time. And use the required etiquettes while customer service.

25). Whom do you admire most?